About Shri Ramkrishna adhyatmik Varkari shikshan sanstha

                        Shri Ram Krishna Institute Foundation in the year of 2002 with the pledge to provide & completed religious education hostel facility of the needy women & children.  The team consists of enthusiastic individuals who are diligently working towards bringing about significant changes & progress in the development, expansion & promotion of women’s & children’s rights. Our aim endeavor is to improve quality of life of loss privileged children & empowering women.

                       Shri Ram Krishna  is registered NGO which is non-profitable  organization registered under ( Mumbai Public Trust 1950). It aims to give better lease of life to the poor children of rural area for their bright future & complete education, health care & basic needs for less privileged children.

Profile of the SRASS Pratisthan

                     Shri Ramakrishna Adhyatmik kala Krida Shaikshnik Samajik Pratishtan has unique in its efforts and programs. Since its inception the organization is working for the development of the rural students of Pune District. The organization has achieved its peaks in the programs of education and cultural training of deserving students. The students are lacking various factors of educational and economic development facilities. The trust takes participation of its beneficiaries and stake holders to implement its plan and vision. The Trust is working for the sectors of spiritual and educational development, environment, and women empowerment. The status of the community is very poor, that is why the interventions in these fields are very crucial. This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.


To develop the current society by focusing on educational and cultural development of small children this will built-up the character of Nation


To upgrade the skill and knowledge of the students for leading their life with modern knowledge and high income source.

जे का रंजले गांजले । त्यासी म्हणे जो आपुले ॥१॥
तोचि साधु ओळखावा । देव तेथेचि जाणावा ॥धृ॥
मॄदु सबाह्य नवनीत । तैसे सज्जनाचे चित्त ॥२॥
ज्यासी आपंगिता नाही । त्यासी धरी जो हॄदयी ॥३॥
दया करणे जे पुत्रासी । तेचि दासा आणि दासी ॥४॥
तुका म्हणे सांगू किती । तोचि भगवंताची मूर्ती ॥५॥

Know him to be a true man who takes to his bosom those who are in distress. Know that God resides in the heart of such a one. His heart is saturated with gentleness through and through. He receives as his only those who are forsaken. He bestows on his man servants and maid servants the same affection he shows to his children. Tukaram says: What need is there to describe him further? He is the very incarnation of divinity


  • Identifying & providing the social, physical & educational needs of woman & child.
  • Collaboration with other organization for improvement of each other service.
  • To take the part in activities & help the development of women & child welfare movement.
  • To provide medical & financial assistance to the women & child.
  • To arrange free food, clothing to the needy children at NGO.
  • We organize exhibitions, seminars & programs to promote the interest of child & to promote cultural activities in women & child.


  1. Registration number – Bombay Public Trust act 1950. F-20829 Pune
  2. NITI Ayog: MH/2017/0164490
  3. Registration under Societies registration Act 1860 no. Maha./855-2002
  4. PAN No: AAJTS8549R
  5. 12AA/PUNE REG/1363/536/2016-17-398
  6. 80G/250/2017-18/622
  7. Address-1246, Parvati Niwas, savarkar Chowk, Dhankawadi, Pune- 411043
  8. Telephone number – +91 7588791149/+91 9421051949
  9. Nationality- India
  10. President of the Trust – Mr. Mohanrao Balkrishna Shinde
  11. Focus area – Education, social and cultural development, Socio economic development.

Activities of the Trust

                            In the village of Alandi the hostel of poor students is currently in action. Many programs are being conducted for the information and knowledge building of the students. So also to develop a disciplined and well cultured generation for the strong country to trust is continuously giving training to students to study spiritual books and practice it in their life. For the following activities are conducted at the hostel. And also the raditional education is completed by student.

  • Harinam Saptah
  • Akhand harinam saptah and Nam Japa Yadna
  • Hostel for the poor students at Alandi.
  • Bal Kirtankar Mahostav
  • De – addiction camp
  • Library advocacy and propaganda.
  • Parents meeting.
  • Traditional education of government school.
  • Free Mess & Hostel for Poor Students
  • Provided Cloth and Education for student.
  • Provide Medical treatment for  Student 
  • Provide Computer Training 
  • Maintaining  Goshala (Cow Shed)

To up grade and strengthen the capacity of the program and number of students we have plan of starting the hostel at velha and English medium school at Alandi with computer training and libraries at both the sites.

What We Do